David Girard Vineyard Wedding | Andrew + Nicole

It had been many months since we had taken Andrew and Nicole’s engagement pictures and we were excited to see them on their most special day!  We arrived early to the hotel rooms where they were getting ready.  Jessi got busy taking photos of Nicole’s gorgeous details – Initiations, rings, pearl necklace… 

I headed off to take a few photos of Andrew.  The guys were low-key, but I could tell Andrew was excited to see his bride! 

Nicole had planned to get ready at David Girard Vineyards, so after make-up and hair was complete, everyone headed to the vineyards. 

We were absolutely blown away by the wow-factor of Nicole’s stunning dress!

After Nicole had been zipped up by her maid of honor, Jessi took some time to photograph the girls swooning over Nicole and share some silly laughter. 

When it was time for the first look, we set Andrew in place and summoned Nicole. As we stood back and let the moment unfold, we could tell how much these two loved each other. It was truly one of the most heartfelt first looks we’ve done—They were both overwhelmed with love for each other two embraced and didn’t let go for a long time!  It was so sweet!

Following the first look we made sure to do some creative portraits prior to the ceremony.  We spent a lot of our time in the beautiful light near the venue.

It was a beautiful ceremony with laughter, tears, and an exciting first kiss! 

 Following the ceremony we captured Andrew and Nicole’s friends and family in the beautiful ceremony location.  Then we explored the property and captured a many beautiful photos in the vineyards and surrounding areas.

After creative pictures we headed to the reception for Andrew and Nicole’s grand announcement!

Andrew and Nicole opted to come out for sunset photos after dinner, and this was so perfect!  We always recommend sunset sessions and you can see why! 

We were able to capture some epic photos before the sun finally set.  Andrew and Nicole spent the rest of the evening celebrating with family + friends.   

Bodega Bay Engagement Session | Edward + Alejandra

We were all set to take beach engagement photos for Edward and Alejandra.  Edward and Alejandra had returned to the place where Edward popped the question for their engagement session.  The location was Bodega Bay Head, a hiking trail in Bodega Bay, CA that features beautiful wild flowers, stunning bluff top vistas, beach access, and abundant wildlife viewing.  There was only one problem... it was cold and windy! 

Despite the uncomfortable conditions, Edward and Alejandra made a go of it in an attempt to get the engagement pictures at the exact location that they got engaged.  High up on one of the cliffs, we snapped as many beautiful engagement photos as we could before it became too much to bear.  With some photos in the bag, we hopped in the car and headed back toward Bodega Bay to look for more photo locations.

We had noticed a colorful candy store with a pink and white exterior on our way to Bodega head.  We navigated back to this spot to see if it would provide a unique backdrop for some more engagement pictures.  The store was called Patrick's Salt Water Taffy, and although we didn't buy any candy, we took some sweet photos using the pink and white striped background! 

At this point, we needed some sunshine, and a better location to take more engagement pictures.  The only problem was that the sun was dropping fast and we only had a few minutes before sunset!  We hopped in car and raced away from the coast as fast as we could!  We could see rays of sun in the distance, and we knew that it was only a matter of time before we found a location with beautiful golden hour light to finish the engagement session. Finally, after 20 minutes of driving away from the gray clouds covering the coast, we reached a place where the light was gorgeous! (It was actually a parking lot but we made it work!)

Despite the change in plans, we had an amazing day with Edward and Alejandra.  Sometimes, you don't get what you bargained for, but you have to make the best of it and stay positive.  This is exactly what Edward and Alejandra did!  They were even so kind to send us a coffee gift in the mail after we delivered the photos! (They must have known we LOVE coffee!)