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Phuoc & Vivian's Old Sacramento & Capitol Park Engagement

September 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

We met up with Phuoc and Vivian to take their engagement photos in a grove of oak trees right outside of Old Sacramento, CA.  To our surprise, they had their newest addition to the family with them!  No, not a baby, but their new puppy Riley!  They wanted to make sure Riley was included in their photos since they had just adopted him and he was a part of this special time in their lives.  Riley totally stole the show, especially toward the start of the session.  After Riley got tired of taking  pictures, a helpful friend took Riley home and we headed to Old Sacramento to finish the engagement session.  We walked around Old Sac taking advantage of all of the cool photography locations, from the Delta Queen to the I St. Bridge.  As the sun went down, we were able to capture some amazing silhouettes that captured the essence of Old Sacramento perfectly.  It was a fun and exciting day of shooting with a lot of walking but it was so worth it in the end!  Congratulations Phuoc and Vivian!  We can't wait to shoot your wedding later this year!

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Date | 8.30.15

Engagement Location | Sacramento, CA

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